Current group members

Photo of Trideba Padhi

Trideba Padhi

Postdoctoral Fellow 2020 -

Very low resource keyword spotting for humanitarian monitoring.

Photo of Christiaan Geldenhuys

Christiaan Geldenhuys

MEng 2020 -

Detection and localisation of elephant vocalisations.

Photo of Nicholas Nell

Nicholas Nell

MEng 2020 -

Advanced Vinyard Sensor Network.

Photo of Joshua Jansen van Vuren

Joshua Jansen van Vuren

MEng 2020 -

Language model data augmentation for code-swiched ASR.

Photo of Marco Ribeiro

Marco Ribeiro

MEng 2020 -

Very-low-resource keyword spotting.

Photo of Simon Robinson

Simon Robinson

MEng 2020 -

Development of an animal-borne sensor.

Photo of James Herschaw

James Herschaw

MEng 2020 -

Development of a water telemetry system.

Photo of Madhu Pahar

Madhu Pahar

Postdoctoral Fellow 2019 -

Automatic monitoring of coughing in audio.

Photo of Ian Weber

Ian Weber

MEng 2019 -

Multilingual web-text harvesting.

Photo of Corwynne Leng

Corwynne Leng

MEng 2019 -

Automatic cough monitoring.

Photo of Nick Wilkinson

Nick Wilkinson

MEng 2019 -

Efficient speech segmentation.

Photo of Ewald van der Westhuizen

Ewald van der Westhuizen

Postdoctoral Fellow 2019 -

Very low resource keyword spotting for humanitarian monitoring.

Photo of Morgan O'Kennedy

Morgan O'Kennedy

MEng 2018 -

Communication network for wildlife sensors.

Photo of Astik Biswas

Astik Biswas

Postdoctoral Fellow 2017 -

Automatic speech recognition of multlilingual code-switched speech.

Photo of Febe de Wet

Febe de Wet

Research Associate 2017 -

Automatic speech recognition of multlilingual code-switched speech.

Photo of Michael Struwig

Michael Struwig

PhD 2018 -

Optimised kinetic energy harvesting.

Photo of Denzil Christians

Denzil Christians

MEng 2016 -

Sensor network for viticulture.

Photo of Rynhardt Kruger

Rynhardt Kruger

PhD 2015 -

Interactive document visualisation for the blind.

Past group members

Photo of Rensu Theart

Rensu Theart

PhD 2016 - 2019

Virtual reality visualisation and analysis of microscopy data.

Photo of Wiehan Agenbag

Wiehan Agenbag

PhD 2015 - 2019

Automatic subword unit discovery and pronunciation dictionary induction for ASR.

Photo of Igor Miranda

Igor Miranda

Postdoctoral Fellow 2018 - 2019

Automatic detection and classification of coughing in audio.

Photo of Lerato Lerato

Lerato Lerato

PhD 2012 - 2018

Automatic clustering of speech sounds.

Photo of SP le Roux

SP le Roux

PhD 2016 - 2018

Intelligent sensors for wildlife conservation.

Photo of Jonathan Wotherspoon

Jonathan Wotherspoon

MEng 2016 - 2018

Autonomous networked sensor nodes for wildlife conservation.

Photo of Rudolf Luttich

Rudolf Lüttich

MEng 2017 - 2018

Machine learning for smart crop monitoring.

Photo of Rudolf Byker

Rudolf Byker

MEng 2016 - 2018

Automatic analysis of elephant rumble sounds.

Photo of Raghav Menon

Raghav Menon

Postdoctoral Fellow 2015 - 2018

Very low resource keyword spotting for humanitarian monitoring.

Photo of Stef van Asbroeck

Stef van Asbroeck

Masters 2018

Infra-red monitoring of vine leaf transpiration.

Photo of William Duckitt

William Duckitt

PhD 2010-2018

Digital low-level radio-frequency control of the particle accelerator at iThemba Labs.

Photo of Hankyu Kim

Hankyu Kim

MEng 2016-2017

Three-dimensional sonar gesture processing.

Photo of Sam Dodson

Sam Dodson

MEng 2016-2017

Compact antenna for wildlife monitoring.

Photo of Floris van Zyl

Floris van Zyl

MEng 2016-2017

Electromagnetic modelling of large wildlife.

Photo of Armin Saeb

Dr. Armin Saeb

Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-2017

Low-resource radio browsing for humanitarian monitoring.

Photo of Willem Andries Burger

Willem Andries Burger

MEng 2016 - 2017

Water monitoring telemetry network

Photo of Renier Botha

Renier Botha

MEng 2015-2016

Automatic analysis of coughing sounds.

Photo of Kolijn Wolfaardt

Kolijn Wolfaardt

MEng 2014-2015

Automatic classification of RFI for radio astronomy.

Photo of Jacques Marais

Jacques Marais

MEng 2014-2015

Automatic classification of animal behaviour.

Photo of Christiaan Rademan

Christiaan Rademan

MEng 2014-2015

Visual speech synthesis.

Photo of Mark Brand

Mark Brand

MEng 2010-2015

Modelling musical tonality.

Photo of Hlonie Mohasi

Lehlohonolo (Hlonie) Mohasi

PhD 2010-2014

Sesotho tone modelling for text-to-speech synthesis.

Photo of Hennie de Villiers

Hennie de Villiers

PhD 2007-2013

Computer-assisted teaching of South African Sign Language (SASL).

Photo of Van Zyl van Vuuren

Van Zyl van Vuuren

MEng 2012-2013

Automatic blind segmentation of speech.

Photo of Daan Henselmans

Daan Henselmans

Affiliate 2013-2014

Automatic identication of South African languages.

Photo of Maximilien Lhotellier

Maximilien Lhotellier

Affiliate 2013 (ECE Paris)

3D animation of facial avatars.

Photo of Nicolas Virot, Gaelle Usseglio and Frederic Kozlowski

Nicolas Virot, Gaelle Usseglio and Frederic Kozlowski

Affiliates 2012 (ENSEIRB-MATMECA, Bordeaux)

Sesotho TTS, Multimedia Annotation and Snoring Analysis

Photo of Herman Kamper

Herman Kamper

MEng 2010-2011

Multi-accent speech recognition for South African English.

Photo of George Goussard

George Goussard

MEng 2006-2010

Unsupervised clustering for acoustic modelling in ASR.

Photo of Linsen Loots

Linsen Loots

MEng 2008-2009

Phoneme-to-phoneme (P2P) and Grapheme-and-phoneme-to-phoneme (GP2P) pronunciation modelling.

Photo of Pieter Muller

Pieter Müller

MEng 2008-2009

Automatic oral proficiency assessment of second language speakers of South African English.

Photo of Calvin Nkadimeng

Calvin Nkadimeng

MEng 2007-2009

Language identification using Guassian mixture models.

Photo of Felicien Jeje Muamba Mukanya

Félicien Jeje Muamba Mukanya

MEng 2006-2008

Multi-accent acoustic modelling for ASR.

Photo of John Burchell

John Burchell

MEng 2005-2007

Acoustic analysis of an electric arc furnace.

Photo of Gideon Klompje

Gideon Klompje

MEng 2005-2006

Parametric monophone speech synthesis.

Photo of Carl Kritzinger

Carl Kritzinger

MEng 2004-2005

Low bit-rate speech coding.

Photo of Jaco Muller

Jaco Müller

MEng 2004-2005

USB Telephony Interface Device.