Johan du Preez's Clay Hut in Deep Hyper-Space

Welcome to my humble clay hut here in the far reaches of my own parallel universe,Currently there's very little going on here, only ducking a few asteroids or so (luckily there's enough space for doing that),  but strange and interesting things may yet happen! Feel free to contact me, details are at the bottom.   

Me in my preferred habitat (Photo by A vd Spuy)

Academic affiliation  and interests:
Every now and then I cast my shadow on  the Digital Signal Processing group at the E&E Dept of the University of Stellenbosch. Academically I'm somewhat into HMM theory, Pattern Recognition and Speech Processing. My CV lives here.

Hobbies, fun things etc:
The photo below is of some of us at the DSP group at the dome of Helderberg (near Somerset West).  Was quite a fun day with plenty of sweat, unbelievably beautiful vistas and even a few unexpected surprises to liven things up a bit. Was also fortunate to see a gliding Black Eagle, but this time from the top side! In my spare time I also enjoy taking a few photos, you can see a selection here.

L2R,B2F:     Ben Herbst and his son BM, me, Lude Schwardt, Dave Weber, Anders Eriksson, Francois Swanepoel (Swannie),
                    Johan Lourens, Gerhard Esterhuizen (Goof). (Photo by Johan Lourens)

Contact Info:
Email:           dupreez at sun dot ac dot za.
Phone:               +27 (21) 808-4342
Fax:                   +27 (21) 808-4981
Smail:                Dept E&E Eng, Private Bag X1, Matieland 7602, South Africa