Thomas Niesler: Past postgraduate students

Photo of Jaco Muller JACO MÜLLER

MScEng 2004-2005

USB Telephony Interface Device

Photo of Carl Krizinger CARL KRITZINGER

MScEng 2004-2005

Low bit-rate speech coding       

Photo of Gideon Klompje GIDEON KLOMPJE

MScEng 2005-2006

Parametric monophone speech synthesis.

Photo of Willie Krige WILLIE KRIGE

MScEng 2005-2007

Automatic singing transcription.

Photo of John Burchell JOHN BURCHELL

MScEng 2005-2007

Acoustic analysis of an electric arc furnace.

Photo of William Duckitt WILLIAM DUCKITT

MScEng 2006-2007

Embedded speech and audio processing platform.


MScEng 2006-2008

Multi-accent acoustic modelling for ASR.

Photo of Hennie de Villiers CALVIN NKADIMENG

MScEng 2007-2009

Language identification using Guassian mixture models.

Photo of Hennie de Villiers PIETER MÜLLER

MScEng 2008-2009

Automatic oral proficiency assessment of second language speakers of South African English

Photo of Hennie de Villiers LINSEN LOOTS

MScEng 2008-2009

Data-driven augmentation of pronunciation dictionaries.

Photo of George Goussard GEORGE GOUSSARD

MScEng 2006-2010

Unsupervised clustering for acoustic modelling in ASR.

Photo of Herman Kamper HERMAN KAMPER

MScEng 2010-2011

Multi-accent speech recognition for South African English.

Photo of Nicolas Virot, Gaelle Usseglio and Frederic Kozlowski NICOLAS VIROT, GAELLE USSEGLIO AND FREDERIC KOZLOWSKI

Affiliates 2012 (ENSEIRB-MATMECA, Bordeaux)

Sesotho TTS, Multimedia Annotation and Snoring Analysis.

Photo of Maximilieb_Lhotellier MAXIMILIEN LHOTELLIER

Affiliate 2013 (ECE Paris)

3D animation of facial avatars.

Photo of Daan henselmans DAAN HENSELMANS

Affiliate 2013-2014

Automatic identification of South African languages.

Photo of Van Zyl Van Vuuren VAN ZYL VAN VUUREN

MScEng 2012-2013

Automatic segmentation of speech.

Photo of Hennie de Villiers HENNIE DE VILLIERS

PhD 2007-2013

Computer-assisted teaching of South African Sign Language (SASL).


PhD 2010-2014

Sesotho text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis.

Photo of Mark Brand MARK BRAND

MScEng 2010-2015

Modeling musical tonality.            

Photo of Christiaan Rademan CHRISTIAAN RADEMAN

MEng 2014-2015

Avatars for man-machine interaction.

Photo of Jacques Marais Jacques Marais

MEng 2014-2015

Automatic classification of endangered animal behaviour.

Photo of Kolijn Wolfaardt Kolijn Wolfaardt

MEng 2014-2015

Automatic classification of RFI for radio astronomy.