Thomas Niesler: Current postgraduate students

Photo of William Duckitt 

PhD 2010-

Digital low-level radio-frequency control of the particle accelerator at iThemba Labs.

Photo of Lerato Lerato LERATO LERATO

PhD 2012-

Automatic clustering of speech sounds.

Photo of Ewald van der Westhuizen EWALD VAN DER WESTHUIZEN

PhD 2013-

Multilingual automatic speech recognition.

Photo of Wiehan Agenbag Wiehan Agenbag

MEng 2014-

Automatic segmentation of speech signals.

Photo of Rensu Theart Rensu Theart

MEng 2015-

3D visualisation of microscopy data.

Photo of Renier Botha Renier Botha

MEng 2015-

Pattern classification for lung health analysis.

Photo of Rynhardt Kruger Rynhardt Kruger

PhD 2015-

Assistive technologies for the blind.

Photo of Hankyu Kim Hankyu Kim

MEng 2015-

Sonar gesture pattern processing.
Photo of Armin Saeb Armin Saeb

Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-

Low-resource radio browsing for humanitarian monitoring.
Photo of Raghav Menon Raghav Menon

Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-

Very low-resource keyword spotting.
Photo of Floris van Zyl Floris van Zyl

MEng 2016-

Communication with implantable sensors.
Photo of Rudolf Byker Rudolf Byker

MEng 2016-

Analysis of elephant rumble sounds.
Photo of SP le Roux SP le Roux

PhD 2016-

Robust intelligent sensor networks.
Photo of Willem Andries Burger Willem Andries Burger

MEng 2016-

Water monitoring telemetry network.
Photo of Jonathan Wotherspoon Jonathan Wotherspoon

MEng 2016-

Autonomous sensor network nodes.
Photo of Denzil Christians Denzil Christians

MEng 2016-

Crop monitoring and surveillance network.
Photo of Sam Dodson Sam Dodson

MEng 2016-

Easily deployable sensor network antenna.
Photo of Michael Struwig Michael Struwig

MEng 2016-

Linear generators for kinetic energy harvesting.
Photo of Rudolf Luttich Rudolf Luttich

MEng 2016-

Machine learning in smart crop monitoring.
Photo of Astik Biswas Astik Biswas

Postdoctoral Fellow 2017-

Automatic speech recognition of multilingual code-switched speech.